septiembre 2, 2013

Build Your Own Remote Controlled Exploding Balloon Kit

Make the party go with a bang. Remote Controlled Exploding Balloons.

Balloon exploders from major party and balloon companies can cost of lot of money to hire. But did you know a basic remote package can cost around ?0 and takes minutes to setup ?

Here are the instructions to create your own Remote control Balloon Exploding Kit.

SAFTEY FIRST : Instructions for connecting a remote device from Techex to explode balloons. These instructions are intended for users who already have experience with wiring a small circuit board. Experience in using other types of gta 5 cheats balloon exploding equipment is helpful. The Balloon uses a device that generates heat. Do not touch this device and make sure it is secured away from other items to prevent burning.

Remote control kits for many household uses are common place on ebay. Although they are not sold as remote balloon remote exploders they are the essentially the same thing… a remote on a keyring and a sensor.

We use an ebay shop called Techex who sell a “wireless electric door remote control kit” for ?. Search mobile strike hack cheats for Techex in the ebay shops. They are based in Hong more details Kong and will deliver around the world. We then purchase cable, batteries and connector snap clips for a couple of pounds. A complete system for around a tenner.
Remote kits are easily available from the internet.鐕眅 use the ebay Shop Techex online and cost around ?.00 Postage takes 5 business days.

Although they sell the kits as a “RF Wireless Electric Garage Gate Door Remote Control”. The technology is standard and can be applied to connect to different systems.

In addition to the kits from Techex, the following also need to be purchased :
2 x PP3 battery connector snap clips for a 9 volt battery are required (ebay cost around 7p + postage)

Electrical Cable (around ? for a 10m roll on ebay)

9v batteries

A small-gage filament or resistor that generates heat is used to burst the balloon

Here are the instructions :

1. The lid unclips revealing the circuit and the 8 connecting screws on the right hand side.

2. Connect the positive cable from the battery snap clip to the screw labelled + and the negative cable to the screw labelled -?br />
3. Connect cable from screw number 4 to one side of the filament.

4.鐕檕nnect one cable of a PP3 battery connector snap clip to screw number 5 and the other cable of the connector to the other connection of your filament.

5. Place your exploder in a safe position, tying down all the cables.

6. Connect a balloon to you filament,鐕緊nnect 9V batteries to the snap connectors.

7. Once in place, hold down the button A for a couple of seconds.鐕環e balloon will burst when the filament is heated.

Test thoroughly before using.

Take the usual鐖廰fety鐖宺o-cautions.

A second exploding balloon can be connect in the same process but using connections 7 and 8 instead of 4 and 5 and using button B on the remote to burst the balloon.

To reduce the noise of the exploding balloon, reduce the size of the balloon.

To add a great effect, fill the balloon with table confetti. As the balloon bursts the confetti will float to the floor.

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