agosto 19, 2013

Buy Ancient Indian Ayurvedic Medicines For 100% Guaranteed Health Cure

Ayurveda is a practice that has been followed for several centuries across the world. Originating from the country of India, the positives of this practice has spread worldwide today. “Dhanvantri”, the first medical prodigy is said to have invented some of the best medicinal combinations of medicines to cure rarest of the rare diseases. Following this practice, Check our website several siddhars, now known as Ayurvedic doctors have served and cured people for several centuries. One of the most revered siddhar has been Kumbamuni or Agasthiyar.

Saint Agasthiya was one of the seven saptarishis of the Hindu puranas who knew several medicinal and herbal secrets to heal diseases and ailments. It is said that he is still alive and continues to live in the Podhigai mountain forests of Tamil Nadu, India. Agasthiya, well known to possess the eight supernatural powers is considered to be the guru of all siddhars and the medicines he made have the ability to churn up the five elements that constitute the human body, water,air,earth,fire and sky or the ether. He is known as the father of tamil literature who composed the first tamil grammar called Agasthiyam. Besides literature, Saint visit our website Agasthiya is known as the harbinger of alchemy, spirituality and medicines.

Sage Agasthiya pioneered the traditional Indian Medicine and wrote more than 96 books. In his books, he has mentioned some rare instructions for the creation of medicines for many types of fevers, cancer, visit our website treatments for impotence, abdominal problems, brain and eye problems, and bone problems. Besides medicine, Agasthiyar’s contribution to Nadi astrology is also quite popular and is practised by many in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. Some rare texts written by this saint is still kept safely by the siddhars who exist today. It is indeed a great privilege that such rare medicines can be prepared even today in order to help thousands of suffering people.

Legend has it that Agasthiyar was born in a kumbam or kalasam, that is, a pot in which people cook rice. This was the reason he was named as kumbamuni, where muni means saint. Highly revered for his excellent knowledge of alchemy as a medical practice, undoubtebly, Agasthiyar was a genius in these five areas of life: Vaadam (oration), Vaidyam (Medicine), Yogam (Yog or Meditation), Gyanam (Knowledge) and Jyothidam (Astrology). Those who indeed have his blessings and access to his rare books can cure any disease including the likes of Cancer, AIDS amongst others, which may indeed not be easily curable using other medical practices such as Allopathy.

It is good luck that several of his medicinal secrets are available with some people in India who still practise this method to cure people of ailments. For instance, saint Agasthiyar’s ayurveda has the power to permanently cure diabetes, 100%, in such a manner that the person is not diabetic any more. Similarly, a person who is suffering from initial stages of Cancer need not undergo chemotherapy, instead the legiyam or the mixture offered by siddhars is enough to cure the person of the disease. Isn’t this something great? The ancient art of Ayurveda indeed is a step ahead of other medical practices in many ways and none other than the kumbamuni siddhars are an excellent example of the same.

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