agosto 27, 2013

Buy Flat Iron

Whether out shopping, browsing online or flicking through catalogues, the search for a good hair straightener share more details to purchase is not an easy task. So whether you鎶甧 out looking for a better flat iron than the one you already had or if you鎶甧 buying one for the very first time, here are some tips to guide you to a good quality iron that you won鎶?regret buying.

First of all, you must be aware of the common mistake when buying a flat iron which is falling for cheaper models that use basic metal plates painted over with ceramic or another material to make it seem higher quality. This is a huge mistake and its lower quality will be reflected in the results, so avoid them at all costs no matter how appealing their low price tag may seem. Instead, make sure the flat iron’s plates are ceramic, titanium or tourmaline. They heat up better to achieve smoother, straighter and healthier looking hair without hot spots that cause heat damage. Ceramic is great for all hair types while titanium is best for thick and wild hair that need higher heats fast, and tourmaline is ideal for frizzy or sensitive hair types as it鎶?so gentle. If your hair is especially stubborn then go for a tourmaline ceramic iron, since the added tourmaline will emit negative ions to leave hair super silky, soft and frizz free. Such benefits are offered by top flat irons like the Karmin G3 Salon Pro which uses the purest tourmaline ceramic plates on the market, a definite must try.

It鎶?recommended to get a flat iron with a professional swivel cord to avoid tangling and a temperature control since different hair types need different temperatures. At the same time, more details look for a light weight flat iron that feels good in your hand and is easy for you to maneuver so you won鎶?get a tired arm before you鎶砮 finished styling.

For safe shopping, go to the official stores of the brand you are interested in buying from, or if you choose to purchase online make sure that the site is sponsored by known brands and that there is a customer service guarantee. Why? Well more often than not, unauthorized distributors don鎶?offer good customer service or honor the warranty protection that comes with every flat iron. If you truly want a good quality flat iron, make sure you buy it from official stores and sites. Places like Amazon and Ebay are not trustworthy sites and many disappointed customers have had to learn this the hard way.

Take these aspects into account while searching for your flat iron and you鎶 surely take home the model of your dreams.

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